iPushups - The Ultimate Fitness Exercise Workout for a Sexy Upper Body App Reviews

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Its not a ripoff

Youre just not fit. The app is like all others. If you use it, you will see results. I like the challenge.


Nothing I was looking for

This is a CRAZY good app

A great app Ive raced 175 push-ups so far

Very simple but good

I really like this app, it simple and easy to follow. I have been increasing my max reps and I think this can help anyone get to a hundred pushups in a row.

Total waste of .99 cents

This app does no calculation and is a simple spreadsheet. Youre better off saving the money and using excel to track your progress.


This app would be fine free, but it is not worth .99. Its a total rip-off

Not the sexy upperbody workout

But it works. You wont get that sexy body but your will get some muscle. I stuck to a 850 calorie aday workout and did this, sit-ups, and cardio. And within 3 weeks i started showing improvment. I weighted 221 pounds when i started and now 2 months later im 193. It does work.


I jus do all of the columns I do the first column when I wake up then the second column in tha middle of the day before dinner an the last column which is the most push ups before i go to sleep an do crunches an cardio tha days I dont do tha push ups so the muscles Im workin on got time to rest an if I cant complete the column I jus do as many as I can an keep workin on it till I can finish it if you wanna get in shape jus workoutHow I was sayin I do cuz u will prevail but you gotta push ur limit an I can promise that ull see results an this is a excellent app to work upper body but you should make a pull up app like this thanks for the app but it should be longer then 8 weeks atleast like 16 weeks but great app well worth the 0.99 cents


Also, please add 1 thing. Highlight the column to do so you dont have to remember how much you did from yesterday! Thanks.


Gonna try this

Good app

This app wont make you ripped but your strength will most definitely improve.

Decent but....

This is an exceptional app if it had more workout styles. Pushups only! Come on. Its pathetic. Not worth a nickel if it was worth a nickel

Simple but helpful

This app is simple but following the schedule works. Every workout I look at the new reps and I think that there is no way I can complete them. But I do. Took me a few tries to get off week 1 day 1, but havent had to repeat since then. This app probably wouldnt work for those who can do 30 or more pushups.

99 Cent Spreadsheet

This is really a pretty cheesy app with very little interactivity. You read the scanned in spreadsheet, find your column, and then enter your total. Nothing more. Kinda of boring with no visual appeal.

Like it

Keeps ya on-track motivated. Do it every other day to give body a rest. Perhaps rest in weekends. Its easy to use. Take the test and use the column that u fit into. If u cant finish a day just skip it and it will stay on that day the next time u do it.

iPushup app - wrong schedule

The schedule for the iPushup app is not consistent with the schedule outlined by the original hundred pushup program. Use the website instead of wasting your money on this app.


This app is cool and legit. But how does the schedule thing work? Please answer!!! I cant even follow it!!! Waste of a dollar!!!

Great App

I have started doing this program and I am currently in week 2. I have already noticed a major difference in the amount of pushups I can do. The chart is also very helpful and following the program is very simple. An excellent choice for someone of average body type who wants to improve their fitness


I got a six pack in three days using this app. No joke!


Pretty good but im not very good at pushups and I got better using this app. I wasnt able to do ten pushups but I kept at it and now I can almost do 125.