iPushups - The Ultimate Fitness Exercise Workout for a Sexy Upper Body app for iPhone and iPad

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Developer: Internet Inferno
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Current version: 1.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 29 Jan 2009
App size: 1002.09 Kb

Now you can develop a strong and sexy upper body without the hassle of an expensive gym membership. Learn to build true strength in your chest, arms and back in only 10 minutes every other day with iPushups.

iPushups is a an exercise training program designed to help you achieve the goal of building your maximum number of non-stop pushups. The entire course is designed to be completed in 8 weeks, but can vary based on the progression of the participant.

iPushups requires no additional exercise equipment and is perfect for those who travel for business and are often away from a gym!

There are three different levels of workout for each day. The workout you should choose is based on your performance on the last progress test completed. There are a total 24 workouts (3 per week) and a total of 5 tests including the initial and final test.

Having trouble staying motivated while working out? The best feature of iPushups is the advanced charting capabilities. Now you will look forward to beating your personal best with the positive feedback loop provided by our motivational graphing feature. Every day you work out you are presented with the fun goal of trying to advance your graph further upwards. Working out is now fun and exciting thanks to iPushups! TRY IT NOW AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!

Pros and cons of iPushups - The Ultimate Fitness Exercise Workout for a Sexy Upper Body app for iPhone and iPad

iPushups - The Ultimate Fitness Exercise Workout for a Sexy Upper Body app good for

It does what the programmers claim it does which is help you acheive the goal of maxing out at 100 push ups. It doesnt say it will make you skinny. It doesnt say that it will give you the complete workout of a real gym. It increases your pushup max. Thats it! So please dont expect this app to make you lose 50lbs!! Geez!!
If you dont have much workout equipment and you dont go to a gym (like me) get this app and 365 workouts and you WILL get results.
I am confused when you are supposed to do the progress tests. On the last day of the week after your workout? Before your workout? Or a day after the workout? The instructions dont say!
There is a learning curve as to how to utilize the program. Be sure not to click on it twice In one day. It will set the program a day ahead. This prpgram increases reps each day which is kind of cool, yet challenging.
The graphing feature is awesome! Its a great way to stay motivated. Ive gone from 26 max reps to 51 in less than 2 weeks!
Its perfect Ive improved so much its unbelievable. I started at 21 and now halfway through Im at 44. Fantastic buy!!!

Some bad moments

This is a very crude application with very limited functionality.
Whats up with new trends for a quick fix. Just doing pushups is obviously not enough.
Not worth the money in my opinion. Pushups alone dont do much.
App is crude. Once you do your initial pushups, you are asked to looked at some poorly scanned image to decipher which set of pushups to do. This app is a joke. Do not waste your money.
Disappointed with this app (and the isitup). The way it sounds, you test yourself by doing a max number of pushups, and the app provides a work-out to follow to increase them. In theory, that sounds good - but the app is basically built for somebody who can only do a couple pushups to start. The problem is that it is a cookie cutter approach. It doesnt matter if you can do 10 pushups, or 100 pushups, the workout is the same. You do a set of 9, then 10, then 8, then 8, and then your last set is to max out again, which should be "at least 10." Again, the app is probably great if you can only do a few pushups, but if you can already do 20 or 25, I dont think this will help. To make it more challenging, I even did the program with the PerfectPushups, but I still found it too easy.
Dont buy it its a waste of money cause you can either make your own log or get a different app. Its too confising too.